Reactive Natural Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence, in Real-Time

Make your business more intelligent and agile, by building intelligence right into the fabric of your web properties.

Profit from 10+ years of experience with machine learning, natural language processing, and integrated architectures for complex NLP and machine learning tasks.

Digital Transformation

Dreaming about the Digital Enterprise is easy, actually reaping the benefits through careful planning and execution is not. Automate key workflows in accordance with Lean principles, while keeping an eye on quality and customer value.

Careful analysis and competent execution including the nitty-gritty of creating intelligent digital workflows will give you the leverage to use human intelligence where it adds the most value, and machine intelligence for tasks that are boring and repetitive.

10+ Years of Experience

... in solving problems, communicating insights, and writing practical implementations in the realm of natural language processing and machine learning.

100k+ Lines of Code

... ample experience with architecting and implementing software: I can take your project from a conceptual stage to the finish line where it has a true business impact.

The Founder

As the founder of, I want to unite the depth of insight of research with the customer-orientation of modern consulting.

After a diploma in Computer Science and a doctorate in Computational Linguistics, I spent more than half a decade researching cutting-edge machine learning models for modeling the German language, ending with an appointment as a group leader in the Science Campus Empirical Linguistics and Computational Language Modeling, a joint research framework by Heidelberg University and the Institut für Deutsche Sprache. After several appointments in commercial companies large and small, I founded in September 2017.

Open Source


ExmlPipe wraps several best-of-breed NLP tools with an EXML-based command line client and web service, allowing you to add linguistic annotation to a directory full of text files, or to use a REST API from a simple client program.

The current version of ExmlPipe wraps CoreNLP, NLP4J, the MATE dependency parser, as well as the Berkeley Parser. NLP4J support includes NLP4J's model JAR package, which allows to use NLP4J for English out of the box.



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